getGo Café + Market brings you delicious, made-to-order foods, along with everyday conveniences, including gas and a carwash, all under one roof! Specifically, getGo wanted their new Indianapolis customers to know that they had delicious made-to-order foods. 
A footprint was designed to feel like the front of a getGo to imitate the feeling of ease and convenience while providing made-to-order food around Indianapolis to spread the word to the city. 
Custom business cards for the Market Managers were created that resembled popular made-to-order getGo subs to remind customers of the delicious option every time they opened their wallet. 
getGo has a real chef that curates their made-to-order food that we wanted to celebrate. Stickers, sub protectors, paper chef hats and paper fans of Chef Tom were created to spread awareness of getGo's chef and celebrate his awesomeness with Indianapolis
Lil Tot was a fun character created to get people excited about the made-to-order food at getGo. Lil Tot was a sidekick character to the chain's Chef Tom and got people excited about tater tots, one of getGo's popular items. A tater-tot scented air freshener was created to help remind customers to get an order of tots when they visited getGo. 
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