Aging pipes and crumbling infrastructure could lead to possible tap water contamination. The tap water in your area could be full of harmful bacteria and contaminants. These creature contaminants bring awareness to what could be lurking in your tap water.
These characters are the creature contaminants. They represent contaminants that may be present in tap water. (From left to right, Mercury, Lead, Chromium, Arsenic and Chlorine)
The text around each character shares their name, atomic number and side effects that each of them may cause to people who ingest them. 
Informational cards were made available as a giveaway as a reminder of the possible dangers that may be in their home tap water and the solution that Primo can provide to avoid them. 
Custom hats and stickers were also created as giveaways and reminders to protect yourself from creature contaminants by using Primo water.
Four custom water trucks were built that featured the creature contaminants and built-in Primo water dispensers. They were based in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Tampa. 
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